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School Counselors

School Counseling Office

Room: 251
Phone: 203-574-6020
Fax: 203-578-3931

The mission of the school counselors of Waterbury Public Schools is to empower all students to reach their full potential and to be productive lifelong learners.

All graduates of Waterbury Public Schools will have the knowledge to grow, adapt, and achieve within a diverse, ever-changing global society.

Core Values
1.  All students are unique individuals with the ability to succeed in a safe, supportive diverse and inclusive environment.
2.  All students have equitable access to a high-quality comprehensive school counseling program that promotes social-emotional growth, academic achievement, and college/career readiness.
3.  School counselors proactively advocate for the school counseling profession with an emphasis on the emotional well-being and developmental growth of all students.
4.  School counselors collaborate with students, families, staff and community resources to enhance connectedness.
5.  School counselors analyze and interpret data to evaluate, drive and improve programming in order to increase student success.

For scholarship opportunities available to Waterbury Career Academy seniors, visit the WPS College and Career Readiness Scholarship page.

Scheduling Appointments
Students who would like to make an appointment with their school counselor should stop by the school counseling office during passing times or before/after school and fill out a “school counselor appointment slip.” Put the completed slip into your school counselors mailbox and he/she will call you by the next school day, if not sooner. If you have an emergency, please let us know immediately. We welcome ongoing contact with parents and advise scheduled appointments to discuss any questions or concerns.

School Counseling Services
The School Counseling Department offers services designed to give the individual student assistance with academic, career and social/emotional concerns. The School Counseling staff is concerned with each student as an individual. There are a variety of situations that confront high school students, and counselors are available to offer help and support.

Counselors obtain a complete understanding of you as a student; your interests, abilities, aptitudes, achievements, strengths and weaknesses. Through advisement, evaluation of your academic record, and an organized program, the counselor is able to assess your individual needs and goals.

The School Counseling staff is here to assist all students, therefore, every opportunity to meet with your counselor is important.

Mrs. Benjola Sejdaras
Grade 12 Counselor
Department Chair
Mrs. Jennifer Linares
Grade 11 Counselor
Lindasay Ferrari head shot
Mrs. Lindsay Ferrari
Grade 10 Counselor


Ms. Ashley Freitas
Grade 9 Counselor


Mrs. Keisha Miller
School Social Worker

Mr. Jonas Rousseau
Behavior Counselor


Ms. Laura Rodriguez
Attendance Counselor

Common links students may need access to: