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Mission, Vision, Core


In a welcoming, safe environment, in collaboration with the school community, Waterbury Career Academy will provide a challenging, student-driven, self-reflective education ensuring all students acquire STEM based career skills, college readiness, and the traits and habits of responsible global citizenship. 

WCA Learning Expectations:

WCA graduates are:


  • Fluent in technology- we utilize technology for research, communication, and career readiness.

  • Critical thinkers- we analyze and solve problems, make decisions, and reflect on results. 

  • Effective communicators- we read, write, and speak appropriately for task and purpose.

  • Self-directed learners- we seek knowledge and extend learning independently.


  • Community contributors- we demonstrate responsible citizenship and leadership. 
  • Active participants- we join school and community clubs, support community events, and serve as mentors. 
  • Responsible users of technology- we practice fair, appropriate, and empathetic use of social media and other technologies. 


  • Collaborative workers- we seek others to help accomplish goals. 
  • Reflective listeners- we present trust and understanding in personal interactions. 
  • Humble achievers- we practice modesty and humility in all actions. 


Spartans are:

Honest: hold self and others to the highest academic standards, social and civic standards of truth.

Organized: prioritize tasks, store information, and manage time effectively. 

Noble: maintain professionalism, demonstrate integrity, and present a strong work ethic. 

Optimistic: have high expectations and maintain a positive attitude. 

Respectful: see the value in differences and treat each other with fairness, compassion, and understanding.